Florian Hanke

Florian Hanke

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  2. Blog Code is Code.
  3. Code Github Repository.
  4. German Blog Letting the keyboard roam free. Warning: In the germanic tongue. Babylonic to some, revealing to others.

PhD Student

  1. Language preservation using mobile devices.

Open Source Software Developer

  1. Picky Really easy to use and fast Ruby semantic search engine that helps your users find what they are looking for.
  2. Phony Normalize, split, format all phone numbers of the world.
  3. (main projects listed only)


  1. Berlin 2012 Empowering developers: Superheroes can do it & so can you!
  2. RubyKaigi 2011 Talk and play: James, electronic butler.
  3. Berlin 2011 Picky and awareness: Think about your searches, fools.
  4. Krakow 2010 Breaking my brain: Search engine development in Ruby.


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Random Facts

  1. Likes climbing and biking.
  2. Amount of large calibre handguns in his possession: 0