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This is a post in the Picky series on its configuration. If you haven’t tried it yet, do so in the Getting Started section. It’s quick and painless :)

What is a Partial Search?

Partial searching is when the user only enters part of a query word, but the search engine still manages to find the whole word.

Example: We want to find all chunky bacon. If the search engine supports a partial search, we should be able to search for just chunky ba and chunky bacon will still be found.

Note that chunky bards will also be found, and so will chunky babes. So beware.

Usually, the character used for partial searches is the asterisk, *. So you would search for chunky ba* to have the search engine look for ba followed by anything.

In Picky

At the time of writing, Picky offers a postfix partial search, meaning that only words ending in anything can be searched. (Or a Partial::None partial search that just ignores the *.)

The thing you use is Partial::Substring, like this:

some_index = index :main,'SELECT id, title FROM books', file: 'app/db.yml')
some_index.define_category :title, partial: 1)

So you define a data category on the index and give it the partial option. With this option you tell Picky to use the following class for generating the index in a special way to support partial indexing and querying.

What we want in the example above is have Picky use a Partial::Substring, and have a query word match from the first position (position 1).

Example: A word like picky would match on p, pi, pic, pick and picky. If you defined from: 3, then it would only match pic, pick, picky. Setting from to 1 is indexing intensive, but will find everything.

It is super-easy to write your own partial search. See below for that. The sky is the limit, basically.

On a side-note: Picky will always search the last word of a query with a *, except if you use double quotes, like so: "chunky bac". This will really only find chunky bac, not chunky bacon.

How does Picky do this?

Picky aims to be very extensible, so what it does is very simple.

Picky uses a partial generator, like Partial::Substring which takes an exact index (more below) and returns a partial index.

An exact index in Picky is just a hash that maps words to an array of ids.

So 3) takes something like that:

  :picky => [1, 16, 3, 999],
  :pickle => [800, 3, 55]
(the index for exact matches) and transforms it into something like that:
  :pickle => [800, 3, 55],
  :pickl  => [800, 3, 55],
  :picky => [1, 16, 3, 999],
  :pick  => [1, 16, 3, 999, 800, 3, 55],
  :pic  => [1, 16, 3, 999, 800, 3, 55]
So in pic, there are both the ids from picky and the ids from pickle. If someone looks for pic, we return a mix of both ids.

How do I define my own Partial Search?

It is extremely simple. A partial search just needs to implement a generate_from(exact_index) method that returns the new partial index.

You could for example implement a partial index that has random substring matches of up to 3 characters (silly, I know :)):

class Partial::Random
  def generate_from exact_index
    exact_index.inject({}) do |partial_index, word_and_ids|
      word, ids = *word_and_ids
      start  = rand word.size
      ending = rand(3) + 1
      random_substring = word[start, ending]
      partial_index[random_substring] ||= []
      partial_index[random_substring] += ids
This method returns a new index that might look like this: => [1,2,3]) # => { :ick => [1,2,3] }
Of course, the example is not very performant – but legible for you.

Finally, you’d use it for your data categories in app/application.rb like this:

some_index = index :main,'SELECT id, title FROM books', file: 'app/db.yml')
some_index.define_category :title, partial:

A better idea might be to create a substring partial that generates a partial index where the asterisk is actually at the front of the word:

  :picky => [1,2,3],
  :icky  => [1,2,3],
  :cky   => [1,2,3],
  :ky    => [1,2,3],
  :y     => [1,2,3]
This will match picky if you enter just a y!

Picky is very flexible – do what you want however you want it.


So we’ve seen

  1. what a partial search is.
  2. how Picky does a partial search.
  3. how a partial search is configured in Picky.
  4. how you can write your own.

Hope you learnt something new :)

Contributing one to Picky

If you write your own, please let me know!

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