Migrating to Picky 3.1 (from 3.0)

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This post is intended for Picky users that are at version 3.0 (or near) and would like to move to version 3.1.

Picky 3.1 is released!

You’re probably wondering: The last post handled upgrading to 3.0, why is there another update so close to it?

First of all, let me say sorry for the quick succession of upgrades. Picky will help you and tell you what to do, as good as it can.

Secondly, Picky’s goal is to be very modular and have exchangeable modules, while not being more complicated to read or use.

What does this have to do with this update?

What has changed?

Instead of defining your memory/redis indexes like so

memory_index = Picky::Indexes::Memory.new :name do
  # definition

redis_index = Picky::Indexes::Redis.new :name do
  # definition

you now only use Picky::Index.new and pass in the appropriate index backend. Since the memory backend is the default, you don’t need to pass it in. For the Redis backend, you use Picky::Backends::Redis.new:

memory_index = Picky::Index.new :name do
  # definition

redis_index = Picky::Index.new :name do
  backend Picky::Backends::Redis.new
  # definition

Two reasons:

Double Index. What does it meeeean?

This means that from now on you can pass in your own backend!

We would be quite happy if someone decided to do a purely file-based backend :) Got one? Please contribute! (As an example, see http://github.com/floere/picky/blob/master/server/lib/picky/backends/redis.rb, explanations will follow. Stay tuned!)

This is the main API change in 3.1.

ちわ, WaDoku!

In other news, Picky now can index and search Japanese. (Mainly due to this project and the combined efforts of Roger Braun and Brian Lopez)

Thanks for reading and have fun! さよなら!!!

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