Twitter Account

picky / twitter

Our loveable octopus, Picky, got a Twitter account under @picky_rb.

In one of his first tweets he noted Man I look fat in my profile image. I really should cut back on crabs and molluscs.. Yeah, you should. Also on rich indexes, I might add.

He will not tweet very often, apparently, as he mentions in this tweet. Just version updates and some personal life stuff.

He can be a bit of a blabbermouth. Let’s hope he can control himself.

Last thing I heard he was engaged in a semi-epic battle in the Mariana Trench with his bigger buddies, against whales. In a DM, in his usual style he wrote me: “Battling the big blue ones. 5 suitably categorized targets found in 0.000013s. Wish me luck! P.S: Don’t snack on my sushi.”

I hope he makes it out alive. We need to get going on this realtime indexes update.

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