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Status and Contributions


We have released 4.0! Motto: "The Sinatra of search engines!" :)

Quite a few more features are planned.

See the Issues List to see what's – probably – going to happen next.


Server: Around 1300 specs, 100 of them complete integration specs. Many, many functional specs. Other gems: Around 150 specs.

The server specs run in ~10 seconds.


Many people have worked on Picky.

See the list of Contributors to see who has helped Picky become what it is today.

If you want to contribute, see the Wiki under "Extending and contributing to Picky" to see how to add new data sources etc.

Or join us on IRC in #picky.


Picky has been mentioned in a few places. Check them out:

Logos and all images are CC Attribution licensed to Florian Hanke.