Picky 4.0

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Picky 4.0 release – a quick description of the goals and the changes from version 3.6.16. More to come later.


The ultimate goal of Picky is to become THE choice for a lightweight search engine, as flexible as possible, regarding the container on one hand (useable in a script/a Sinatra instance, a DRb server, wherever) and in itself on the other hand, offering a rich API where you plug in search engine behavior.

Release 4.0 is another big step towards these goals.


Thanks to all who helped with this release! Among others: Roger Braun, Niko Dittmann, Kaspar Schiess, Glen Maddern.

Changes (tl;dr)

The one big change is that both the classic Picky application and classic Picky sources have been removed. If you need these, please continue using 3.6.16.

If you want to jump on 4.0, replace with a Sinatra app and convert your source into one that responds to #each (See the Wiki on sources).

Other important changes:

Detailed Changes

This is for users that are currently on version 3.6.×. Extracted from the history.textile file:

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